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Is Feminism become Anti-Woman?

I might get slammed for using the term “woman” because it implies all sorts of norm-perpetuating and prejudice sentiments, but I will use it anyways. This article, though an interesting take on a genre of writing that you would not otherwise think about, seems to discriminate against an unlikely target: women who do things that women may want to do regardless of the fact that society tells them to.

Yep, just plain old women. “cis” gendered, marriage-desiring, controversy-less, women.

What do I mean by this? Well, among other things, the author lambasts contemporary cookbook writers because they are no longer written with a “progressive” tone towards breaking norms and fighting the man. God forbid a woman-presenting female wants to get married and thinks that her life starting a family (what was once an honorable life choice) is a worthy end in and of itself.

Maybe the author meant nothing by it, but I am frankly sick of reading “feminists” that disparage other women for doing the “typical” thing. Shouldn’t the movement encourage choice, and freedom, and support in any and everything we do?

My feminism hopes for the day that women take pride in whatever choice and that whatever choice that is, is glorified by all other women. Not just “conservative” ones.

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by | June 10, 2013 · 8:33 pm