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Switching it up for Different Reasons

This is so interesting. It is pretty neat that she can extend her career this way and moreover, her insights into themes like “presenting” and “identity” are fascinating.

What would it be like to grow up considering yourself—both internally and externally—one thing, only to only to switch up the outside and wholly keep the inside? It is different than trans* theory because she only does it for her job, and the change is really only surface level—but I think this story touches on some similar questions.

I’d assume  that she still celebrates Femininity in her personal life—as distinct from her work life— but has to tone it down for her job. Interesting as well, is how her husband feels. I love that he is still supportive, and considering that “in the sheets” she is still the same Elliott (also, LOVE the name for a girl, going on my list!); however, to the outside world, she is more like a he. I am sure that they had to have some real conversations about what their external presentations mean to the other and why it is or isn’t important.

At the end of the day. she is beautiful as a female and a male, so whatever the heck. Rock it, Girl.


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