Teeth Problems

I have never had problems with my teeth. College happened, and I come back needing fillings, crowns, and a root canal! The heck?

Apparently my coffee habits did nothing for my oral hygiene. Guess I will have to change that.

Sugar, we’re going down, down—and I’m taking a break from you.




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All before 11:30 AM

It is amazing what one can get done in a day. This morning, after waking up at 4:45 to go to the gym with my mom, we spent a whopping 20 min in the DMV renewing my license—I know, I was lucky—picked up some boots that she forgot, returned some clothes, bought a dress romper, and dropped off some clothes for alterations..all before 11:30 in the morning. We were zipping around town, getting things done, son. It was incredible to be home, at noon, with nothing left to do for the day. Literally, nothing. Hence, my “New Girl” marathon that has continued pretty much since then. Made dinner with the rents’, and commenced my netflix. And the day just seems so long. Excited to bring it to a close. 

My days of nothing are about to come to an end—with our family trip to NY, my post-grad New England Trip, and the start of my first official job in DC. But for now, while I can milk it, I will. Benjamin Franklin was so right when he urged us to wake up early. There are just so many more hours in the day when you do.


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How broad is ‘broad’?

A friend of mine posted an Onion article about “broads” in the workforce. Besides my failure to fully appreciate the satire, I started wondering—what, when, where, and why did we begin calling women broads? Who came up with it? Where did it originate? Was it intended to have negative connotations? I know that I have used it endearingly, to describe women who just have a chutzpah about them, an extra oomph that makes them feminine and powerful and cool. However, I know that this is not the way that many people use the term. 


Next project?


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Lazy Summer Days

Early morning run with my mom; homemade smoothies; nap time; hours and hours of New Girl; hair-pain; dinner with the family; fro-yo; rest.

There are times when I feel guilty for not doing things, but then I remember that these days are just about the last of their kind. As soon as work begins, days like these will be a rarity. Here is to enjoying them while I can.

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Not to justify Woodley, but to understand her


A very coherent and necessary rumination on feminism in popular media. I appreciate Friedman’s attempt to understand rather than shame Woodley’s (admittedly) misguided comments about “loving men” and needing to be equal. I often find that the term feminism is alienating, and that if you even have the slightest doubt about it, you are frowned upon and chastised. I hope that we begin to more deeply examine all of the complexities and flaws that come along with modern day feminism, in order to make it the all-encompassing concept that it aspires to be.

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by | June 1, 2014 · 10:08 pm

Female Leadership: Visible or Invisible?

Re: A conversation that I had with a female faculty member last week—she mentioned that there are many high level faculty and staff that are convinced that Georgetown is a female dominated campus regarding leadership and extracurricular achievement. We then discussed the fact that, though women may be heavily involved and successful, they are rarely the face of this success and are not always awarded and celebrated for it

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by | May 4, 2014 · 5:55 pm

What happens when everything is too easy?

“Convenience technologies promised more space in our lives for other things, like thought, reflection, and leisure.”

We have become plagued by a tyranny of tiny tasks, individually simple but collectively oppressive. And, when every task in life is easy, there remains just one profession left: multitasking.

 But we must take seriously our biological need to be challenged, or face the danger of evolving into creatures whose lives are more productive but also less satisfying.

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