Sex, Joy, and Market price?

The porn industry saves itself

Another way the porn industry is trying to save itself is by getting more personal. allows customers to pay for their own individual movies where porn stars shout their names and do what they desire. Customers negotiate on price and ownership.

The further and further we go into the world of “custom content” and “web camming” the further away we get from human to human interaction and the joys of sexual arousal au natural

I have heard all of the arguments for consensual porn, for safe porn, for unique porn. But they all fail to make up for the bottom line: porn abstracts sex and sexuality away from the body and into a screen, video, or toy. Sure, humans are the ones who watch it, but in real life, when you are actually having sex, you don’t get to pause, rewind, play that back

Sex is about the awkward experiences, the sweat, the uncomfortable comfort of knowing someone else’s body. Sex is about an act an activity that somehow allows us to lose ourself while bringing someone else closer to losing themselves.

I cannot get behind an industry that seeks to dehumanize, technologize, abstract, and make sex just another commodity to purchase and another reified artifact of the modern age.

Maybe I am naive. Maybe I am conservative. Maybe it’s the “ick factor.” Whatever it is, I am turned off by the porn industry—I only hope that others take the time to evaluate their relationship to the source, rather than the results of the industry as well.


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