Stop saying “we’re” pregnant!

Mila just rocks it here. I never really stopped to think about this phrasing, but when you do, you realize—it is a bit misleading. Yes, both parents are necessary and complimentary. Yes, both parents will have the child. But the “being” pregnant part, that is all woman. Well, mostly woman.

I don’t want to get into the technicals and semantics of it all because I really do think that both parents have an equal part in pregnancy and the entire process is a partnership. Not to mention emotionally and psychologically, both parents are definitely all in. I just find it interesting to see Mila’s side here. Are men empathizing with their wives, or are they simply taking credit where it isn’t due?

No definitive opinion, except that she rocked this bit.


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by | June 12, 2014 · 1:06 am

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